Well, Ann, Stu, and I spent yesterday afternoon putting signs and markers round the Charlton Park part of the Fun Ride. Park is looking great for Sunday – ground quite firm in places so the promised storm belt about to pass over may be all to the good. Can’t wait! Just got a few road signs to finish, and various people are marking the lanes and bridle paths tomorrow.

If you’re coming, bring some small money as well – we will have water, canned drinks, chocolate and crisps for sale, and have been promised an Ice Cream Van, as well as the Photographer already mentioned.

See you Sunday I hope!


2 thoughts on “Fun Ride THIS SUNDAY !

  1. Victoria Dickerson

    My friend and I rode in the Charlton Park Fun Ride today. This was my first fun ride and I thoroughly enjoyed it (my pony Cowboy loved it too!) Thank you very much!


  2. Joanna Sammons

    My friend and I came to this ride yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was very well run with good route marking and a much appreciated drink stop en route. Thank you for organizing such an enjoyable day. We will definitely come back next time!



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