Events 2019

NWSC Fixtures for 2019

* Flu vaccinations must be up to date, and the most recent injection at least 7 days before attending any competition / event. Passports must be brought with you to any event. Many thanks for your co-operation.

Sat 12th- All weather Canter Track Afternoon, with Katie Withers
Thurs 24th – Club’s AGM
Sat 26th – Polework and gridwork clinic with KW * One Place Remaining

Sat 9th – Canter Track afternoon, with KW
Sun 17th – Polework & gridwork clinic, with KW * Cancelled due to Equine Flu outbreak
Sat 23rd – Riding Test Clinic

Sat 9th – Pole & gridwork clinic with KW
Sat 23rd – NWSC Dressage comp, to incl FSM.
Sat 30th – Canter Track afternoon, with KW

Sun 14th- NWSC Clear Round jumping Cancelled
Sat 27th – NWSC Dressage comp with invitation to local RDA group.

Le Trec Clinic, with Mark Lambourne, date tbc.
Thurs 16th – NWSC evening dressage comp, incl FSM
Sat 25th – Canter Track afternoon.

Sat 1st – NWSC Clear round jumping on arena
Sun 16th – Charlton Park Pleasure Ride.
Sun 23rd – Dressage Long Arena tests, incl FSM, venue Brook Stud, Grittenham.

Fri 5th – Alfresco Pud & Talk night, members plus guests.
Fri 19th – NWSC evening dressage comp, incl FSM. FULL – Entries Now Closed
Sat 27th – XC schooling clinic with KW.

Thurs 8th – NWSC evening dressage, incl FSM.  FULL – Entries Now Closed
Sun 11th – XC schooling with KW
Sat 24th – XC schooling with KW
Sat 31st. – Ossie Ward Pick & Mix ODE, with outside caterers, Tucktruck

Sun 15th – NWSC Hunter Trials
Sun 22nd – Autumn Pleasure Ride

Fri 4th – Trip to Horse Of The Year Show
Sat 5th – NWSC Hunter Trials Postponed due to wet ground
Sat 12th – Riding Test Clinic with Alyce King * Three Places Remaining due to cancellations
Sun 20th – Polework & gridwork clinic with KW

Sat 9th – NWSC final dressage comp, incl FSM.
Sun 17th – Polework & gridwork clinic with KW
Pre- Xmas Social, members only – date tbc.

Fixtures Coming In 2020

Sat 18 – Dressage to Music Clinic (an introduction)  FULL – Waitlist Operating