NWSC Newsletter September 2021 – April 2022

NWSC Newsletter- Sept 2021   – April 2022   

Dear All.

Firstly apologies for not providing a “write-up “  of our Autumn events last year – life somewhat over-took me,  but better late than  never.

September 2021

Sue Conway, a member, kindly hosted  a Harmony Horse demo with Fliss Bell, in which  she demonstrated how to connect with the horse and work at liberty, initially working with Sue and Strado and then with her own horse. Must say it was a very pleasant & informative evening, even if a little damp. We do hope to have a follow-on session again this year.

Michelle Bowe – was the Le Trec trainer for the second clinic of the year, which was fully booked out, with new rider/ horse combinations enjoying their first experience.

A dramatic start to the clinic, as a riding accident occurred at Ravensbrook Farm, Kate Cullum has thankfully recovered, but we had to do an emergency re-location at very short notice, thank goodness for mobile phones and Clive for dashing about  to tell those hacking to the event.

The sun shone and we all had a fabulous time, next one is scheduled for 14th May – bookings now being taken

Sept Hunter Trial, was well supported with 4 pairs and 18 individual riders tackling the course, which is always well maintained by the Hall family and invariably new fences are added every so often, and I know for certain that another new “stonking “ fence has just been made in readiness for this year.

Katie Withers again took lots of photos of the day and these can be viewed in our Gallery section of our website.

We are always looking for willing helpers on the day to fence judge etc – rest assured you are provided with food and drink, lovely baps and luscious cake.

Remember that for 2022 we are running on 14th Aug HT with a Twist ( SJ on grass arena  ) and  17th Sept standard HT, delighted to say, have already taken an entry for the Aug fixture !

October 2021 – Dec 2021

Towards the end of the year, the club ran a variety of clinics; poles, XC & SJ, riding test/ flatwork at  Ravensbrook Farm but also Rabson Manor, Seven Bridges Farm  & Forest View Dressage with great trainers Rhian Jones, Jonty Evans , Jo Lees and Katie Withers – many thanks to them all.

In the main, clinics have again been fully booked out but from a personal perspective can be tricky to organise and of course organising anything takes time. Remember too that costings for these clinics are calculated on the basis of a full complement of riders and we always strive to keep the clinic fees as low as possible – particularly now even more important with ever rising costs.

I would therefore encourage all riders to give as much notice as they can, should they need to withdraw – because of their or their horse’s health – and note that only in exceptional circumstances will refunds be made, as both the venue and trainers still have to be paid – Rant Over! 😊

Our last dressage competition was held in October and our local RDA group joined in the fun, after an absence of 2 years due to Covid. For some of the RDA riders & ponies, it was their first time at Ravensbrook Farm and it was a delight to have them back and see their beaming faces when it came   to presenting the rosettes.

They will be back again next week on 23rd April  – when our non-virtual dressage competitions resume.

So far this year 2022

From Nov 2021 – March 2022 the club has put on  “virtual” dressage competitions, which have once again proved to be very popular, entry numbers ranging from 12 – 19, each month and one local riding school has joined in the action thus allowing those , who haven’t their own horse or transport  to partake and from the feedback received they  can’t  wait for the online comps to resume later in the year.

We’ve already had SJ clinics with Rhian and Jonty and plan to add more dates to our events diary shortly, so keep on the look out.

Dates for your diary; All events in blue are live on our website, so you can see full details there and make your entries. Hope to see you soon.

Sun 1 – Flatwork Clinic with Jo Lees (1st May 2022) 1 place left
Sat 14 – TREC Clinic (14 May 22)
Sun 22 – Dressage incl FSM class (22 May 22)
Sun 29 – Polework Clinic with Katie Withers (29 May 22)

Thurs 23 – Evening dressage from 5.30pm (23 Jun 22)
Sun 26 – Charlton Park Pleasure Ride (26 Jun 22)

Fri 22 – Evening dressage from 5.30pm (22 Jul 22)
Sun 31 – Ossie Ward Showing Horse Show (31 Jul 22)

Sun 14 – Hunter Trial with a twist (14 Aug 22)

Sat 17 – Hunter Trial

Rita ( chair)

Why did the horse miss the joust? He had the knight off!

Hunter Trial Photos

The photos from the hunter trial on 19th September are now up on the Gallery 2021 page of our website. Happy browsing through them, and thank you to Katie Withers for taking them for us on the day.

Also a gentle reminder that entries close for our dressage competition on Monday 27th September….

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Hunter Trial with a Twist

The results 1st to 6th place are now on the website, and if you go to the gallery 2021 page on the website, you will see that there are photos from today for you to look at. There will also be other photos on Facebook, so hopefully you will be able to see a happy memory in one place or the other!

A massive thank you to all those who have helped today, and to Katie Withers and the Hall family for providing us with such a fantastic venue and course. Without you all it would not be possible to run this event. Thank you also to all of you who took part today, and provided us with such a great morning of sport.

The hunter trial course is available for schooling, just contact Katie Withers (07754 970318).

We look forward to seeing you at the next Hunter Trial which is on Sunday 19th September. Book online via the website.

May – August 2021 Newsletter

NWSC Newsletter May – Aug 2021   

1976 – 2021 – Club’s 45th Year

Dear All.

What a Spring and Summer the club has had so far, stupendous, am absolutely over the moon, that so many riders have supported our events, although we are having to “live with Covid” we can crack on and enjoy our horses and good company.

Our membership numbers have been slowly creeping up since January and we are just shy of 50 paid up members, with well over 800 FB followers. Good to see some new members have embraced the club and virtually entered every fixture held, an especially big thank you to them, they know who they are.

In May, we were able to provide polework\sj grid and flatwork clinics, with Katie Withers and Jo Lees respectively – most sessions being booked out completely, but sadly due to inclement weather we had to put back our Le Trec to June.

The pole clinic was especially challenging, Katie having set up a sort of spider’s web with the poles and then prix caprelli curve of poles, so the end challenge was to see if the horse would do flying changes when going through the centre of the web, some did, even if not deliberately ridden – the session was brilliant and another is already up on our events page for booking on 28th Aug.

We also re-started doing “real” dressage competitions, as opposed to “virtual”, it felt so good 😊

 June, what a busy month that was.

The Le Trec clinic was ran by Michelle, of Wiltshire Horse Training, an hour spent negotiating PTV obstacles, really testing the partnership and trust of both horse and rider, such great fun. I took a rescue pony, just a youngster, whilst a friend rode my other youngster, they were both fantastic and very brave!

Both sessions were fully booked and the club has arranged another such clinic on 26th Sept, so get booking.

Rhian Jones was the trainer for our second XC clinic of the season, over the course at Rabson Manor, again both sessions were fully booked and all riders, from very nervous beginners to more established partnerships, had a brilliant time and all achieved their goals and MORE.

 Rhian is such a skilled trainer across XC, knowing how to encourage the rider and assess what they can achieve, without losing their confidence or their horse’s trust.

We certainly plan to run another clinic either later this year or in 2022.

Our Evening dressage resumed in June and July, both extremely well supported- so much so, that we had to set a limit of 22 tesst to be ridden, otherwise we would have lost the light and the poor judge would have had to don night- vision goggles. Next dressage competition is scheduled for 2nd Oct.

The highlight of the month was our Charity Pleasure Ride in Charlton Park, virtually single-handedly organised by Claire Lawson (committee member). Due to the Covid step-by-step plan to loosen the restrictions, we opted to take pre-entries only, which if anyone has organised an event, is the way to go, and at the same time allocate approximate times for groups of riders to go out, which meant that there was steady flow, without too much bunching up on route itself.

A huge thank you to Claire & Phil and all the other helpers  pre-event and on the day itself and Beccy Auston who provided refreshments  and Molly Western for the super photos.– the weather decided to play fair so the 100 horses/ riders taking part weren’t drowned rats, as has happened before, and all the profits from the event was paid out to our 3 chosen charities, £350 Charlton PCC, £465 to both Wilts Air Ambulance and Watershed RDA.

July / Aug 

Further XC clinics have been held, in July & Aug, over the course at Ravensbrook Farm with Katie Withers, and once again have been booked out with some more novice p’ships taking the plunge.  They have enjoyed the experience of a well laid out course with fences in open fields and in woodland, so you get the experience of going from light to dark, which sometimes can upset the horse, so all good education and of course in the woodland setting the jumps appear to come up faster and you’ve got to steer to avoid those blessed tree trunks ! These sessions are always an excellent taster should you then go on to enter the Club’s Hunter Trials – 15th Aug (with SJ option too) and on 19th Sept.

The 15th Aug event has seen an unprecedented level of entries – so be sure not to miss out on 19th Sept, which will also include a Pairs class.

The Ossie Ward Showing Show was held on 1st Aug and was affiliated to the South-West Pony Association. We were a little unsure as to how this would go, as the last time the club ran any showing class only about 5 people turned up, but we needn’t have worried.

 Having been guided, by one of our judges, Ruth Mullen, as to the type of classes to run, how the schedule should be set out etc – thank you Ruth !!! – we were delighted to receive entries from 60 competitors, most entering two or more classes.

What a day, weather good, first lorry arrived just after 8am, classes started bang on time at 9.30 am and ran through till 5pm. Hugh thanks to both judges, Kate Woodhams and Ruth Mullen, Molly Western for photos and Beccy Austin for refreshments and Kathryn Mattingley for Clippety-clop tack shop.

We have ideas to run some additional classes nest year, perhaps with children in mind to bring on the next generation and also an in-hand and ridden championship, so make sure you save the date 31st July 2022.

The winner of the Ossie Ward Trophy given to the member who had the highest points over the days competition went to Fi Boughton on Real Milan.

Massive thanks as ever to Katie Withers and the Hall family for their hard work in prepping the venue for our events and allowing us to use their farm as our main base.

Note – all results for all events are posted up on our website.

Dates for your diary;

Sat 21 – Flatwork Clinic with Jo Lees
Sat 28 – Pole and Gridwork Clinic with Katie Withers (28 Aug 21)

Thurs 9  – **DATE CHANGE** Evening Harmony Horse Demonstration with Fliss Bell (09 Sep 21) 
Sat 4 – Riding Test Clinic With Jo Lees
Sat 11 – Cross Country Schooling with Katie Withers at Ravensbrook Farm (11 Sep 21)
Sun 19 – Hunter trials (19 Sep 21)
Sat 26 – Trec Clinic (26 Sep 21)


Sat 2 – NWSC Dressage comp with invitation to local RDA group.

Rita ( chair)

Why did the horse miss the joust? He had the knight off!

Charlton Park Start Times

Fingers crossed that the weather is set fair for the pleasure ride in Charlton Park on Sunday 27th. The final preparations are being carried out, and the entries have now closed with a record number of people taking part. Thank you!

The list of times have been published on the website on the Charlton Park Pleasure Ride page.


We look forward to seeing everyone having a fun safe time.

February – April 2021 Newsletter

Feb – April 2021 Newsletter

Another year, yet still many of our lives are in “limbo” – thankfully slowly but surely we seem to be reaching the end of the tunnel and can once again get out and about with our horses,

Because of the ongoing Covid crisis, it was a slow start to the year, the Club once again focussed its attention on online / virtual dressage competitions, which were well supported, some new faces and some familiar ones but on their new steeds, very exciting 😊

 The up-side to these competitions is that it gives you something to aim for, is helpful if you haven’t any transport, plus you can vary your plans as to when to film the test, in case it’s chucking it down!

We were lucky for both Feb & March to have our super judges on board, Casey Stickland and Jo Lees, who have both competed up to a high level, PSG and beyond and are respected trainers – thankfully with a sense of humour, much needed sometimes!

The competition results are posted up on the website, at the foot of the relevant event page, and we have also posted on our Gallery, videos of the winning test for each class.

Our last virtual dressage competition is for April and thereafter we shall return to Ravensbrook Farm for our dressage competitions; 22nd May, 24th June and 30th July, but shall probably revert back to virtual comps between Nov 2021 – March 2022.


Finally, after 3 postponements, we were able to run the flatwork clinic with Jo Lees, using Casey’s great facilities.

The riders kept very warm, having to work hard during their 45 min lesson. Jo had the pleasure of teaching 8 ladies over 4 hours, being fully booked. Due to Covid we were required to re-locate to the outdoor arena so, Jo, at the end of the session was a little cold & hoarse, having to project her voice to 2 riders in a 60m arena against a very strong cold wind, but I could still hear her giggling though !

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, some found their horses more challenging than others but overcame the problem, with Jo’s support and we were delighted to welcome three new club members, Ali, Leanne and Jess on the day.

Future dates: 16th May, 3rd July and 21st Aug

10th April, Katie Withers welcomed us back to Ravensbrook, to enjoy two polework sessions, including raised poles, followed by a SJ grid session.

This clinic was well supported, and photos and short video clip are both on our website and fb page. The next such clinic is on 29th May and currently there are plenty of spaces available, so come on, get booking.

Katie does also book out her Canter Track, next one is this coming Sat 17th April, book through our website. I am sure more such sessions will follow, along with XC clinics with Katie later in the Summer prior to our two Hunter Trials – the first with a twist !

XC Clinics with Rhian Jones at RabsonAfter her very successful debut with our club last year, Rhian has kindly offered another two sessions this season, on 24th April and  on 19th June – full details on our website/Fb page and we aim to share the riders experience with you by posting pics / videos on our social media page etc after the event.

Le Trec 8th May  – wow!! Fully bookedbut in case of drop- outs nearer the time, if you wish to take part, please contact us and we shall put your name down on a “wait list”.

Best news of the year so far – Charlton Park Charity Pleasure Ride is BACK 😊

It is running on 27th June, pre-entries only, already had entries from some very keen participants, thank you.

We shall have cakes/tea on offer, a roaming photographer and the option to ride short and long routes.

Full details, as always, on our website and facebook page.

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO HELP STEWARD THIS RIDE, consider it a day out – lunch will be provided,  please email Claire at charltonride@yahoo.com – thank you.


13 classes to whet your appetite, in-hand and ridden. The show schedule is already up on our website and FB page – no more than 15 entries in each class, pre-entries only and we have already accepted our first two entries.

We shall have refreshments, tack shop and a photographer.

The judges on the day will be Mrs Kate Woodhams and Mrs Ruth Mullen.

 Other dates for your diary:

15th Aug – Hunter Trial with a twist.

2nd Sept – Harmony Horse Demonstration with Fliss Bell

19th Sept – Hunter Trial.

Membership  – you can join the club at any point during the year. The sub is £15 per person or £23 ( family) and it runs to 31st December 2021.

Thank you for your continued support

Rita West ( chair )

Q. What does it mean if you find a horseshoe?

A. Some poor horse is walking around in his socks.

AGM Day of the week Correction

For the eagle eyed amongst you, you may have noticed that I made a mistake with the day of the week that the AGM is on. It is definitely on the 27th January at 8pm – which is a WEDNESDAY as all of you know, and not Thursday as put in the previous post. Sorry for any confusion caused! We would still like to ‘see’ as many of you there as possible. Many thanks for putting up with my errors. Kathryn

Zoom AGM Reminder

This is just a reminder that it is our Zoom AGM on Thursday 28th January.  An important fixture in our club calendar and it is your chance to have your say. It is a first for the club, but we are trying to work round these challenging times! Normally it is an effort to turn out on a cold winter’s  night, when you have just got in, and are warm and dry.  However, this year, for the first time ever, that is not an issue. You can sit in the comfort of your own home, with drink by your side, in your favourite comfortable chair and join in! There is no need to travel, you just need a lap top / computer / smart phone / ipad and 30 mins of your time to join in and have a chat with other like minded people. Click on the AGM page of the website and ‘enter’ your name. Then we will email you with a link and a password to join the meeting. 

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Want the perfect Christmas present without going out to the shops? We are able to offer vouchers for club membership (single & family)!

To buy a voucher, please go to our website, home page and Join – on form provide full details of recipient of voucher, ie new member, and in notes space give your name as Giver, with email address, so that voucher can be emailed to you for Xmas day. Online payments only please.

Happy Christmas!

Newsletter – November 2020

Dear All.
What a year, probably one that we’d like to forget but most probably won’t, I am sure that our horses have “saved” us during the last few months from going “stir crazy”, God love ‘em !

Despite having to cancel a good deal of our planned fixtures, we nevertheless managed to run in total 20 opportunities to either compete or improve you and your horses’ skills, via flatwork and XC clinics, thanks to our trainers Jo Lees and Rhian Jones , to virtual & real dressage competitions to Hunter Trials, thanks to Katie Withers, for the use of her facilities.

The virtual dressage competitions certainly have been a learning curve for all concerned , judges Jo Lees and Casey Stickland to get to grips with judging via videos – play, pause, rewind, play again, springs to mind as well as for those taking on the task of filming the tests, not as easy as you might think, thoughts being, is landscape mode better than portrait, a definite yes, and did I actually track the horse during the whole test, not always ! 😊.

As we were not allowed to use BD tests, we had to go elsewhere, some of the Canadian ones proved to be rather challenging, as their tests seem to be one level up from BD, eg their prelim tests equivalent to our novice and so on, but the riders stepped up to the challenge well.
These were well supported and no doubt appreciated by those without transport and we do plan to run them during the months of Feb & March 2021.

The Club has tried in the past to set -up XC clinics, with little or no interest, but something good came out of 2020 first lockdown, and so It was a delight to be out on the XC course at Rabson Manor with trainer Rhian Jones, such a confidence boosting trainer, both sessions in Aug and Sept were well attended and we received great feedback from all riders, so the club hopes to do similar sessions next year too.

Our ever popular Hunter trial ran in September with a larger than expected turnout and we had glorious weather and the ground conditions were superb with some great new fences on the course. Whilst checking out the fences myself the night before, I did cross paths with some of the riders course-walking, who were a little worried about either their horses, the fences , their confidence but wow on the day itself they flew around – with some fence judges being unable to contain themselves (me) shouting YEEHA – GO Girl !!

What a pity the second HT had to be cancelled due to water-logged course in October, but we plan to move the dates forward slightly next year to Aug & Sept in the vain hope that we can beat the weather.

Membership Year runs from 1st Jan 2021 – 31st Dec 2021, the fees remain unchanged at £15 annual fee for an individual to £23 for a family membership, any queries address those to our membership secretary Kathryn Tudor; katytudornwsc@yahoo.co.uk

You might ask why bother to join us, well for one we are a happy welcoming group of people who try really hard to make sure that we run as many events as we can to cover all tastes but ultimately to make sure that YOU just enjoy your time with your horse and with your fellow club members and if that wasn’t enough, all entry fees for members are discounted, usually by a min of £2 or max £5 per event, so what’s not to like ?

Dates for your diary;
16th Jan – Flatwork clinic -with Jo Lees ( indoor arena ) – 3 places left.
27th Jan – AGM viz Zoom at 8pm. – open to all.
Feb 2021 – Polework clinic( Prix caprilli) & SJ grid – postponed from 14th Nov – tbc.
13th March – Flatwork clinic with Jo Lees ( indoor arena )
Online dressage comps in months of Feb & March – schedules to follow.
Charlton Park Pleasure Ride – June – tbc

We also hope to put on a “harmony with your horse” demo with Fliss Bell, sometime in Autumn of 2021 and also a Showing show during the summer and of course run “real” dressage competitions, ODE, and HTs – keep yourselves up to date with our fixtures list via our website and FB page.

I know it’s rather early but as the club is not running any events in December, I shall take this opportunity to wish all our club members and those who follow us via the website , a Happy Christmas and healthy 2021.

Rita ( chair)