The Summer Is Here !

Hi all,

This is a late missive and schedule for the combined training. Was holding off until the field has been cut, but now that is finally done (thanks to the weather), then it is now all systems go for arena and jumps to go out in the field, and more competitions happening!

Have attached the schedule here <Combined Training 16 Jul 16>, but entries can be made via our website There is a little button that pops up saying follow. Do press that and follow the instructions. Once you are a follower of the site, you will be the first to know of any thing that is happening, any  times that are given out, any photos that are put on the site.

The schedule for the evening dressage on Friday 22nd July is also attached <Evening Dressage 22 Jul 16>. Again entries can be made via our website or in the post. Note that unless we have nothing but rain from now on (which given this summer is a possibility!), this competition will also be held out in the field on grass.

Do please support our events, or we cannot hold them. We need a minimum number of entries to cover costs…..

Look forward to seeing you soon

Kathryn (Club Secretary)

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