Closing Soon – One Day Event !

The Ossie Ward One Day Event is on September 1st (a week this Saturday) but because of the more complex organization the entries close tomorrow (Friday 24th) !

The weather is looking good :-
“Some rain is possible on Wednesday across the UK, but the end of the week looks like becoming dry and bright away from the far northwest. Though nights may be chilly, it will become warm during the day. At the start of September there are signals for dry, bright and warm weather to become more widely established,”  (Met Office)

….and we’re all ready to host what looks like being a really enjoyable day.

The event caters for all levels and we’ll make sure there’s a photographer around to capture those “moments” for you all !

Bring your friends, bring your family, bring a picnic, it’s a great day out for everyone !

If you want to have a look at the event <Click Here>. You can enter on this page too.


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