JANUARY – APRIL 2020 Newsletter

Jan – April 2020 Newsletter

Gosh, what a start to 2020, unprecedented, I do hope that all of you are keeping well and coping with the current regime, hopefully life will gradually return to a “ new “normal over the coming weeks.
Thankfully we, as horses riders and owners didn’t have to endure the snow / cold of last year, but crikey, didn’t it rain ? It started the day of our pleasure ride in September through to early March and then suddenly Spring sprung upon us.
Whatever you choose to do with your horses and ponies at this time, just embrace and enjoy those moments, we are so lucky!
Update of past events;
In January we ran a dressage to music clinic at Breach Lane indoor arena, which was well attended, sadly some riders came on foot as their steeds were incapacitated but we had a fun 2 hours trying out different types of music to fit the look of the horses as well as their paces.
February we held a Riding Test clinic at Ravensbrook Farm with Casey Stickland with Kim Lewis, as writer & scorer. The weather wasn’t exactly onside that day, again strong winds, but those that did attend enjoyed the experience and came away feeling that their riding and horse’s going had improved over the session, tests ridden varied between prelim and medium levels.

We do hope to run such sessions again, later in the year.

As you will see from our events page on our website, that was the last event the club has been able to provide for it’s member and others – we shall be making a decision about the June Charity Ride in Charlton Park in early May but for now we are holding our first video dressage competition, have 10 tests being ridden, ranging from intro -medium and our judge is Casey Stickland.

Entry is now closed, although we intend to run another in May, so please look out for details on our website / fb page.

Results will be posted up on these two platforms.

Thank you for your continued support

Rita West ( chair )

It’s way pasture bed time!

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