Dressage (22 May 16)

Sun 22nd May 2016
Ravensbrook Farm
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Dressage 22 May 16
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11.15 Intro A Mark Lambourne Kara
11.22 Intro A Blanche Whitcombe (jnr) Cass
11.36 P4 Blanche Whitcombe (jnr) Cass
11.43 P4 Heidi Ford (jnr) Blue
11.50 P4 Kate Purves Danny
11.57 P4 Gilly Whitmarsh McIntyre
CLASS 3/4 P12/N27/N28
12.18 P12 Heidi Ford (jnr) Blue
12.25 P12 Kate Purves Danny
12.32 P12 Gilly Whitmarsh McIntyre
12.39 P12 Sue Conway Olivo
12.46 P12 Janet Evans Just Sam
13.00 N28 Sue Conway Olivo
13.07 N27 Janet Evans Just Sam


Rider Horse Place
Class 1 – Intro A / P4  
P4 Heidi Ford (jnr) Blue 1st
P4 Gilly Whitmarsh Murray 2nd
Intro A Mark Lambourne Kara 3rd
P4 Kate Purves Danny 4th
P4 Blanche Whitcombe (jnr) Cass 5th
Intro A Blanche Whitcombe (jnr) Cass 6th
Class 2 – P12/N27/N28      
P12 Heidi Ford (jnr) Blue 1st
P12 Gilly Whitmarsh Murray 2nd
N28 Sue Conway Olivo 3rd
P12 Sue Conway Olivo 4th
N27 Janet Evans Just Sam 5th
P12 Kate Purves Danny 6th

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