Dressage (22 May 2022)

Sun 22nd May 2022
Ravensbrook Farm, Brinkworth Road, Minety SN16 9RJ

PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY- the event will be run in accordance with the current rules relating to COVID-19

  1.  Social distancing measures will be in place and must be strictly observed by all.
  2.  If competing in two tests, between tests, rider & groom must stay close to their lorry or trailer in the field. ie. Please keep away from the arena, and please keep at least 1m away from others.
  3.  Please park leaving a reasonable gap and sensibly allowing for access at all times.
  4.  Please mount outside the arena and wait for the gate to the arena to be opened for you.
  5.  ONLY 1 other person to attend with the rider.
  6.  Unfortunately there will be no access to toilets on site on this day.
  7. Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has someone in their household who develops symptoms prior to the competition must not attend and your money will be transferred to another date.

CLASS 1. Freestyle to Music (FSM). Pick your own test from Intro, Prelim, or Novice (all 2016)

CLASS 2. BD Intro C (2016) / BD Prelim 1 (2006)

CLASS 3. BD Novice 24 (2010) / Elementary 42 (2008) / Medium 63(2002)

Entry Fees: £12 Members / £14 Non members

Closing date for entry, via website only, Monday 16th May. – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Entry fees must be made at same time as entry – by bank transfer /or Bacs – NO EXCEPTIONS, no refunds except on presentation of Vet cert.

Times will be posted up onto the website on Friday 20th May.

Apologies for the more stringent rules but organising these events under the COVID-19 rules is a lot more difficult than normal and takes extra time. The club relies on the goodwill of volunteers to run these events which makes it essential that entries and payments are made on time so that pre-event work can be carried out and the event itself can be run safely.

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CLASS 1. Intro Freestyle to Music
CLASS 1. Prelim Freestyle to Music

CLASS 1. Novice Freestyle to Music
Frances Stokesberry – Blakehill

CLASS 2. Intro C
Debbie Froment -Chico
Grace Buckland – Diesel
Claire Lawson – Miss Chuckles
Mabyn Richards
Lara Jacobs – Luna
Diane Green – Our Biggles

Morgan Kent – Misty
Daniela Chichester Kaner – Timmy
Helen Sunderland – Gordon’s Gin

CLASS 2. Prelim 1
Sarah Tasker – Flame
Claire Lawson – Miss Chuckles
Louise Wilson – Cowboy
Chris Lawless – Bean

CLASS 3. Novice 24
Sarah Tasker – Flame
Debbie Huxtable – Tom
Chris Lawless – Bean

CLASS 3. Elementary 42
CLASS 3. Medium 63


Please Note: In the interests of safety, there is a No Smoking Policy at Ravensbrook Farm.

10.15 Nov FSM Frances Stokesberry Blakehil
10.25 Intro C Morgan Kent Misty
10.32 Helen Sunderland Gordon’s Gin
10.39 Grace Buckland (jnr) Diesel
10.46 Debbie Froment Chico
10.53 Mabyn Richards
11.00 Lara Jacobs* Luna
11.07 Daniela Chichester Kaner Timmy
11.14 Claire Lawson* Miss Chuckles
11.21 Diane Green* Our Biggles
11.30 Prelim 1 Louise Wilson* Cowboy
11.37 Claire Lawson * Miss Chuckles
11.44 Sarah Tasker * Flame
11.51 Chris Lawless Bean
12.00 Novice 24 Debbie Huxtable Tom
12.07 Sarah Tasker * Flame
12.14 Chris Lawless Bean


Judge: Casey Stickland
Rider Horse Score (%)
CLASS 1 Freestyle to Music
1st Frances Stokesberry Blakehil 76.70%
CLASS 2 Intro C
1st Daniela Chichester Kaner Timmy 71.74%
2nd Claire Lawson* Miss Chuckles 67.83%
3rd Debbie Froment Chico 63.04%
4th Diane Green* Our Biggles 62.83%
5th Morgan Kent Misty 58.70%
6th Grace Buckland (jnr) Diesel 55.87%
CLASS 3 P1/N24
1st Novice 24 Sarah Tasker* Flame 74.13%
2nd Prelim 1 Louise Wilson* Cowboy 72.11%
3rd Prelim 1 Sarah Tasker* Flame 65.79%
4th Novice 24 Debbie Huxtable Tom 64.57%

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Please ensure payment is made at same time as booking form is submitted, see bank details below.

Account : NWSC
Sort Code : 30-98-41
Account : 01832809

Please use your name as the reference for the payment online and please confirm your payment by emailing: rita@dockeraccounts.co.uk