Dressage (27 Apr 19)

Sat 27th April 2019
Ravensbrook Farm, Brinkworth Road, Minety SN16 9RJ

Rosettes to 6th Place
(Only one arena, so classes to follow on from each other)

CLASS 1. RDA DRESSAGE Grade Ib Intro Test (2012) walk & trot (with or without leader)
CLASS 2. BD Intro A (2008)
CLASS 3. Prelim 1 (2006) / Novice 27 (2007)
You may enter more than one test, but it will be scored on percentage basis with the highest mark winning. If you do the same test twice, only the highest score will be counted.

Rosettes to 6th Place

(Class 3 may be divided between tests depending on numbers, and also between senior and junior)
To be held on an all weather arena.

Entries close: Monday 22nd April 2019

Times available: Evening of Thursday 25th April 2019. Check on this page, or phone 01666 860437 between 20.30 – 21.30.

Entry Fees: £10 Members / £12 Non members

Entries can be made here (see below) or by post to Secretary: Kathryn Tudor Frogmore Cottage, Minety SN16 9QL enclosing entry fee. Online payment must be made within 48 hours of submitting online entry form, if not, then entry is deemed to be INVALID, reminders for payment will not be issued.
There will be a £2 surcharge for late entries, subject to space.

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RDA Grade 1b
Penny Thomas – Copper
Sue Johnson – Finn
Ellie Calford – Copper

BD Intro A
Emma Marshall – Come On Safari
Claire Lawson – Clover
Inge Studnik – Lilly
Sian Megson – Gift of D’Gab
Karen McFarlane – Town Mouse
Melanie Potter – Mouse
Hayley Dion – Woody

Prelim 1
Marije Kramer – Orion
Paula Godwin – Major Tom

Novice 27
Janet Evans – Just Sam
Paula Godwin – Major Tom

Stella  Burns – Orion


Please Note: In the interests of safety, there is a No Smoking Policy at Ravensbrook Farm.

* = NWSC Members

Rider Horse
CLASS 1 RDA Grade 1b Intro Test
11.00 Penny Thomas Copper
11.20 Sue Johnson Finn
11.40 Ellie Calford Copper
CLASS 2 Intro A
12.10 Claire Lawson * Clover
12.17 Emma Marshall * Come on Safari
12.24 Melanie Potter Mouse
12.31 Sian Megson Gift of D’Gab
12.38 Karen McFarlane Town Mouse
12.45 Inge Studnik * Lilly
12.52 Hayley Dion Woody
12.59 Break
CLASS 3 Prelim 1 / N27
13.05 P1 Paula Godwin Major Tom
13.12 P1 Marije Kramer Orion
13.19 N27 Janet Evans * Just Sam
13.26 N27 Paula Godwin Major Tom
13.33 N27 Stella Burns Orion


Place Rider Horse Score
Class 1 – RDA Intro B
1st Sue Johnson Finn 79.69%
2nd Ellie Calford Copper 77.81%
3rd Penny Thomas Copper 77.12%
Class 2 – Intro A
1st Inge Studnik * Lilly 69.57%
2nd Emma Marshall * Come on Safari 68.48%
3rd Claire Lawson * Clover 62.61%
4th Karen McFarlane Town Mouse 62.61%
5th Sian Megson Gift of D’Gab 62.39%
6th Melanie Potter Mouse 61.09%
Hayley Dion Woody 60.43%
Class 3 – Prelim 1/N27
1st N27 Paula Godwin Major Tom 73.21%
2nd P1 Paula Godwin Major Tom 72.11%
3rd P1 Marije Kramer Orion 67.37%
4th N27 Stella Burns Orion 66.79%

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