Evening Dressage (8 Aug 19)

Thu 8th August 2019
Ravensbrook Farm, Brinkworth Road, Minety SN16 9RJ

* This event is now full

CLASS 1. Freestyle to Music. Pick your own test from Intro, Prelim, Novice or Elementary

CLASS 2. BD Intro B (2009) / Prelim 1 (2006) / Novice 27 (2007) / Elem 42 (2008)

In each class, you may enter more than one test, but it will be scored on percentage basis with the highest mark winning. If you do the same test twice, only the highest score will be counted.

Rosettes to 6th Place

To be held on a 20m x 40m all weather arena.

Entries close: Sunday 4th August 2019

Times available: Tuesday 6th August, phone 01666 860437 between 21.00 -21.30 or check on http://www.northwiltssaddleclub.com Look on the events page.

Event Secretary: Kathryn Tudor email: katytudornwsc@yahoo.co.uk

Entry Fees: £10 Members / £12 Non members

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CLASS 1. Intro Freestyle to Music

CLASS 1. Prelim Freestyle to Music
Janet Evans – Just Sam

CLASS 1. Novice Freestyle to Music
Rita West – Benni

CLASS 1. Elementary Freestyle to Music

CLASS 2. Intro B (2009)
Leah Cobban – Pye
Lauren Hayes – Elvis
Jacki Ballinger – Comprimario
Laura Meudell – Jinx
Claire Lawson – Oliver
Vicki Coultas – Ruby Lou

CLASS 2. Prelim 1 (2006)
Lauren Hayes – Elvis
Claire Lawson – Oliver
Katy Quick – Diego
Laura Pollock – Rainbow
Abbie Winters – Hector
Beth Lawrence – Zorro
Abbie Robins – Tonto
Heidi Ford – Bimini

CLASS 2. Novice 27 (2007)
Rita West – Benni
Diane Green – Wishbone
Abbie Winters – Hector
Abbie Robins – Tonto
Heidi Ford – Bimini

CLASS 2. Elem 42 (2008)


Please Note: In the interests of safety, there is a No Smoking Policy at Ravensbrook Farm.

Rider Horse
CLASS 1 Freestyle to Music
17.45 Prelim Janet Evans* Just Sam
17.55 Nov Rita West* Benni
CLASS 2 Intro B/Prelim 1/Nov 27
18.05 N27 Rita West Benni
18.12 Intro B Leah Cobban Pye
18.19 Intro B Jackie Ballinger Comprimario
18.26 Intro B Laura Meudell Jinx
18.33 Intro B Claire Lawson Oliver
18.40 Intro B Lauren Hayes Elvis
18.47 Intro B Vicki Coultas* Ruby Lou
18.54 P1 Katy Quick* Diego
19.01 P1 Claire Lawson* Oliver
19.08 P1 Lauren Hayes Elvis
19.05 P1 Laura Pollock Rainbow
19.12 P1 Beth Lawrence Zorro
19.19 P1 Heidi Ford Bimini
19.26 P1 Abbie Winters Hector
19.33 P1 Abbie Robins Tonto
19.40 N27 Diane Green* Wishbone
19.47 N27 Heidi Ford Bimini
19.54 N27 Abbie Winters Hector
20.01 N27 Abbie Robins Tonto

* = NWSC Members


Place Rider Horse Score
Class 1 – Freestyle to  Music
1st Nov Rita West* Benni 70.83%
Prelim Janet Evans* Just Sam 69.17%
CLASS 2a Intro B collectives
1st Laura Meudell Jinx 63.48%
2nd Lauren Hayes Elvis 56.08%
3rd Leah Cobban Pye 53.48%
4th Claire Lawson Oliver 51.95% 53
5th Vicki Coultas* Ruby Lou 51.95% 51
6th Jackie Ballinger Comprimario 51.74%
CLASS 2b P1 / N27
1st N27 Abbie Winters Hector 85.53%
2nd P1 Abbie Winters Hector 78.95%
3rd N27 Heidi Ford Bimini 72.86%
4th P1 Heidi Ford Bimini 71.84%
5th P1 Beth Lawrence Zorro 69.21%
6th P1 Laura Pollock Rainbow 62.63%
P1 Claire Lawson* Oliver 58.95%
N27 Abbie Robins Tonto 58.04%
N27 Rita West Benni 57.68%
P1 Abbie Robins Tonto 57.11%
N27 Diane Green* Wishbone 51.96%
P1 Katy Quick* Diego 51.31%

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