Hunter Trials (16 Sep 18)

Sunday 16th September 2018
Ravensbrook Farm, Brinkworth Road, Minety SN16 9RJ

Hunter trial with mini hunter trial course held within one field and approx. 10 jumps no larger than 2’3”, and a much longer 2’6” course with approximately 21 jumps around fields and through a small wood.

Subject to entries, Classes 1 and 3 may be divided into senior and junior sections.

Rosettes to 6th place. No eliminations. Two refusals and you must carry on to the next fence.

Closing Date for Entries:  Tuesday 11th September. Late entries accepted on the day are £5 extra per class, and must be registered with event secretary by 11.30am. Entries can be made online here with payment by BACS.

Approximate Start Times: Please check here and follow the links to events for the times which will be available from evening of Friday 14th September.

Course Walk: Day before from 4.00pm – 6.30pm, or on morning of event.

£10 returnable deposit for number bibs.

1          The decision of the judges and stewards is final.
2          Hard hats and body protectors (Level 3 BSI standard) must be worn by all riders, plus either long riding boots or jodhpur boots.
3          Should a fence judge decide that either a horse or rider are unfit to continue their decision is final.
4          No entry will be accepted unless accompanied by the correct fee & signed rider disclaimer form.
5          The Landowners and the organisers and helpers of NWSC Hunter trials will not be responsible or liable for any accident, injury, illness, damage or claim arising directly or indirectly to horses, riders, spectators or any person or property.
6          Horses and ponies must be 4 years old or over.
7          All entrants take part at their own risk. The landowners, organisers and helpers take no responsibility for any injury or damage.
8          Dogs welcome but MUST be kept on lead at all times, and any dog muck picked up and taken home.
9          In the event of bad weather causing the hunter trials to be cancelled, there will be an administration charge of £5.00.

Class 1
Mini hunter trial (timed) – 10 jumps max 2’3” course in one field
(Level 3 Body protectors must be worn, see conditions of entry)

Class 2
Pairs – Course up to 2’6” with a timed section.
(Level 3 Body protectors must be worn, see also conditions of entry)

Class 3
Individual – Course up to 2’6” with a timed section.
(Level 3 Body protectors must be worn, see also conditions of entry)

Class 1: Members – £10
Non Members – £13

Class 2: Members – £20 per pair
Non-members – £25 per pair

Class 3: Members – £15
Non-members – £18

**To enter this event just complete the form below**

Class 1 – Mini
Debbie Pinder – Pepps
Rebecca Jones – Potts
Jo Thornton – Rauri
Lavinia Brown – Touch of Irish Silver

Molly Gaskell – Bizi

Class 2 – Pairs
Becky Harvey – Jumbo / Sally Butler – Skittles
Debbie Pinder – Pepps / Elizabeth Long – Mavro
Leanne Lolley – Aphrodite / Jaz Fisher – Jubilee
Sophie Flowerdew – Casper / Maddie Slater – Pie
Emma Chugg – George / Daisy Chugg – Ping

Will Gaskell – Splash / Louisa Gaskell – Amber

Class 3 – Individual
Ginny Thompson – Rosie
Penny King – Woody
Jaz Fisher – Jubilee
Leanne Lolley – Aphrodite
Pip Taylor – Heston
Poppy Faskin – Mr Tubbs
Heather Muir – Smarty
Isobel Muir – Milo
Gretel White – Katy
Daisy Chugg – Ping
Aimee Fast – Magherafadda Fox
Will Gaskell – Splash
Louisa Gaskell – Amber
Alex Thomas – Echo

Approximate Start Times for Hunter Trials – Sunday 16th September 2018
Notes: The times are for guidance only. Mini course is in one field with yellow jump numbers.
We will try to have two horses on main course at a time, be careful through gates on course.
Two refusals and you MUST go on to the next fence. There is a timed section through the wood, which will be marked. There is an optional H fence, where if you jump it, 10 sec will be deducted from your time.
Course Walk on Saturday 15th September 4pm – 6pm or on morning of event. NO vehicles are allowed beyond the start box i.e. Don’t drive round the course! Dogs MUST be kept on leads at all times, and any mess cleared up out of respect to the landowners.

Time No: Rider Horse
Class 1 – Mini  2’3″
10.45 100 Rebecca Jones (Jnr) Potts
10.49 101 Jo Thornton Rauri
10.53 102 Lavinia Brown Touch of Irish Silver
10.57 103 Debbie Pinder Pepps
11.01 104 Molly Gaskell (Jnr) Bizi
Class 2 & 3 – 2’6″ Course
11.15 105 / 106 Becky Harvey / Sally Butler Jumbo / Skittles
11.20 107 / 108 Leanne Lolley / Jaz Fisher Aphrodite / Jubilee
11.25 109 / 110 Sophie Flowerdew / Maddie Slater Casper / Pie
11.30 111 / 112 Emma Chugg / Daisy Chugg George / Ping
11.35 103 / 113 Debbie Pinder / Elizabeth Long Pepps / Mavro
11.40 114 / 115 Louisa Gaskell / Will Gaskell Amber / Splash
11.45 116 Poppy Faskin (Jnr) Mr Tubbs
11.50 117 Heather Muir Smarty
11.55 118 Pip Taylor Heston
12.00 119 Ginny Thompson Rosie
12.05 120 Gretel White (Jnr) Katy
12.10 121 Aimee Fast (Jnr) Magherafadda Fox
12.15 122 Penny King Woody
12.20 123 Isobel Muir (Jnr) Milo
12.25 124 Alex Thomas Echo
12.30 107 Leanne Lolley Aphrodite
12.35 108 Jaz Fisher Jubilee
12.40 112 Daisy Chugg (Jnr) Ping
12.45 114 Louisa Gaskell Amber
12.50 115 Will Gaskell (Jnr) Splash


    Riders:   Horses:   Time
1st   Rebecca Jones (Jnr)*   Potts   1.25.00
2nd   Debbie Pinder   Pepps   1.45.00
3rd   Lavinia Brown   Touch of Irish Silver   1.58.00
4th   Molly Gaskell (Jnr)   Bizi   2.24.00
CLASS 2 – PAIRS            
1st   Emma Chugg / Daisy Chugg George / Ping   1.10.43
2nd   Louisa Gaskell / Will Gaskell   Amber / Splash   1.54.23
3rd   Debbie Pinder / Elizabeth Long   Pepps / Mavro   1.32.6
4th   Sophie Flowerdew / Maddie Slater   Casper / Pie   1.59.21
CLASS 3 – INDIVIDUAL (Junior)            
1st   Daisy Chugg   Ping   1.05.13
2nd   Poppy Faskin   Mr Tubbs   1.23.39
3rd   Isobel Muir   Milo   1.25.33
4th   Gretel White   Katy   1.17.06
CLASS 3 – INDIVIDUAL (Senior)            
1st   Penny King   Woody   1.09.57
2nd   Leanne Lolley   Aphrodite   1.14.29
3rd   Pip Taylor   Heston   1.20.19
4th   Abigail Clifton   Jazz   1.29.57
5th   Heather Muir   Smarty   1.22.8
6th   Ginny Thompson   Rosie   1.33.77

Images will appear here if available after the event.

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