Video/Online Dressage (Jan 2023)

Video uploads between Monday 23rd – Monday 30th Jan 

1. Closing date for entry, via website only, 23rd Jan – NO EXCEPTIONS
2. Entry fees must be made at same time as entry – by bank transfer/or BACS – NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. From Monday 23rd – Monday 30th Jan inclusive, you may share your video to a specific Whats App group – called NWSC Jan Dressage – you will be added to the group, when entry/payment is received.
4. Video must be in LANDSCAPE format only. Please zoom in slightly when horse is beyond B-E line.  To be filmed from C.
5. When sharing video to Whats App please re-confirm name of rider/horse and test being ridden.
6. Arena to be 40m x 20m or 60m x 20m for FSM if you are using a long arena floor plan
7. Callers permitted, approved BD tack only, riders can be casually dressed.
8. Entry fees: per Test £10.00 (NWSC member) or £12.00 (non-member).
9. Score sheets/rosettes (1st – 6th) will be posted out, asap after 4th Feb.
10. Tests:-
Class 1 – FSM choice of intro/Prelim/Novice/Elementary
Class 2 – Dressage Ireland Intro Test C
Class 3 – PYO choice of Dressage Ireland Prelim 15/Novice 23/Elementary 50/Medium 72 or Equestrian Australian Advanced 5A

All tests can be downloaded here:-

DI Intro C 2017
DI Prelim15 2012
DI Novice 23 2012
DI Elementary 50 2013
DI Medium 72 2015
2019 Equestrian Australia Advanced 5A

I know that you will all understand why the Club feels the need to set out such precise instructions, as we do want this online dressage competition to work for all concerned.

Entry Fees: £10 Members / £12 Non members

**To enter this event just complete the form below**

FSM – choice of Intro/Prelim/Novice/Elementary

Dressage Ireland Intro Test C
Carys Barker-Morley – Mr Chuckles
Millie Ovens – Dalton
Paula Godwin – William
Glenys Lock – Mr Chuckles
Charlotte Simms – Mr Chuckles
Jessica Wood – Toffee
Mia Say – Mai
Rosa Mullins – Star
Diane Green – Our Biggles

Class 3.
Dressage Ireland Prelim 15
Amelia Humphries – Calli J
Kathryn Tudor – Dilly
Lisa Say – Jack the Lad
Mary Brunt – Covevers City View
Lucy Beck – Vasco Z
Jessica Parmenter – Oakport Seanie

Dressage Ireland Novice 23
Jessica Parmenter – Oakport Seanie

Dressage Ireland Elementary 50
Amelia Humphries – Chi Cargo Blue

Dressage Ireland Medium 72
Equestrian Australian Advanced 5A


* Denotes NWSC Members

Please ensure payment is made at same time as booking form is submitted, see bank details below.

Account : NWSC
Sort Code : 30-98-41
Account : 01832809

Please use your name as the reference for the payment online and please confirm your payment by emailing:

Check back to this page for results after the event – Good Luck !


** To enter this event just complete the form below **

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