Video / Online Dressage (Jul 20)

Video uploads between Monday 20th July and Tuesday 28th July 2020

1. Closing date for entry, via website only, 19th July – NO EXCEPTIONS.
2. Entry fees must be made at same time as entry – by bank transfer /or Bacs – NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. From 20th to 28th July inclusive, you may share your video to a specific Whats App group – called NWSC July Dressage – you will be added to the group, when entry / payment is received.
4. Video must be in LANDSCAPE format only, Please zoom in slightly when horse beyond B-E line. To be filmed from C.
5. When sharing video to Whats App please re-confirm name of rider / horse and test being ridden.
6. Arena to be 40m x 20m or 60m x 20m for FSM if you are using a long arena floor plan.
7. Callers permitted, approved BD tack only, riders can be casually dressed.
8. Entry fees; per Test £10 (NWSC club member) or £12 ( non-member)
9. Score sheets/ rosettes (1st – 6th) will be posted out, asap after 28th July.
10. Tests :-
Class 1 – FSM choice of Intro / Prelim / Novice / Elementary
Class 2 – NWSC Walk / Trot Test B
Class 3 – PYO choice of Prelim B / Novice B / Elementary B / Medium B / Advanced Medium B

11. IF YOU WISH TO TAKE PART BUT OUTSIDE OF THE COMPETITION ITSELF – THEN PLEASE ADD NOTE, WHEN MAKING ENTRY, THAT YOU WISH TO RIDE HC -you can then ride and video your test and get judge’s feedback by way of the score sheet.
12. We would encourage you to go up a level, if a horse & rider combination have achieved a score of 70% or more, in two consecutive months.

All tests can be downloaded here :-

NWSC walk and trot B test
NWSC preliminary B test
NWSC novice B test
NWSC elementary B test
NWSC medium B test
NWSC advanced medium A test

I know that you will all understand why the Club feels the need to set out such precise instructions, as we do want this online dressage competition to work for all concerned.

£10 per test (member), £12 (non-member)
Please ensure payment is made at same time as entry form is submitted, see bank details below.
Account : NWSC
Sort Code : 30-98-41
Account : 01832809
Please use your name as the reference for the payment online and please confirm your payment by emailing :

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Freestyle to Music
Ann Suter – Shaun [Walk and Trot]
Caroline Dent – Castlemly Boy [Walk and Trot]
Rita West – Benhill Tanqueray [Prelim]
Janet Evans – Just Sam [Novice]

Walk and Trot B
Rita West – Blue Cross Tetley
Jess Harris – Bobby

Stephanie Isaac – Litton Sattelite
Carol Bowes – Gracie

Prelim B
Rhian Wilkins – Suzy
Rhian Wilkins – Nally
Diane Green – Wishbone
Dawn Cubin – Vainilla

Novice B
Sally Bowyer – Rupert

Elem B
Claire Chalameau – Daisy
Kathryn Tudor – Strado

Medium B
Sue Conway – Strado

Advanced Medium B


Class1 -FSM  INTRO -Elem
Rider Test Horse Score CM Final % Score Placing
Rita West FSM Prelim Benhill Tanqueray 140.00 72.00 77.70 2nd
Janet Evans FSM Novice Just Sam 141.00 73.00 78.33 1st
Ann Suter FSM W & T Shaun HC HC HC
Caroline Dent FSM W & T Castlemly boy 104.00 54.50 57.77 3rd
Class 2
Rita West Walk & Trot B Blue Cross Tetley 131.00 53.00 65.50 3rd
Jess Harris Walk & Trot B Bobby 114.50 45.00 57.25 4th
Stephanie Isaac Walk & Trot B Litton Sattelite 133.50 52.00 66.75 2nd
Carol Bowes Walk & Trot B Gracie 139.00 54.00 69.50 1st
Class 3
Choice of P-B,N-B, E-B or Med B or Adv Med A Score CM Final % score Placing
Dawn Cubin Prelim B Vainillla 157.00 52.00 65.42 3rd
Diane Green Prelim B Wishbone 186.00 62.00 77.50 1st
Rhian Wilkins Prelim B Nally E E E wrong test ridden
Rhian Wilkins Prelim B Suzy 177.50 60.00 73.95 2nd
Sally Bowyer Nov B Rupert 149.50 49.00 59.80 5th
Claire Chalumeau Elem B Daisy 159.00 49.00 54.83 6th
Kathryn Tudor Elem B Strado 185.50 56.00 63.96 4th
Sue Conway Med B Strado E E E wrong test ridden

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